MIUI 13 for Mi 11: Update Release date and roll out details

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was Recently Launched and one of the flagship smartphones from Xiaomi. And comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 fastest Processor and a lot of new features. Also, The Mi 11 comes with MIUI 12 And Android 11 out of the box and the device is definitely going to receive the MIUI 13 Update.

Xiaomi has started the development of MIUI 13 for the Mi 11 device and soon this device will receive the update. Also. For the development of MIUI 13, the company is collecting user feedbacks for a better OS for the Xiaomi devices users. You can enroll in MIUI 13 Beta program for receiving all beta updates before the stable release.

MIUI 12.5 Update for Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 MIUI 13 update

Mi 11 is on the list for the MIUI 13 update. As Mi 11 is the latest smartphone from Xiaomi and MIUI 13 going to be the first major update for Mi 11. Also, you can check the MIUI 13 eligible devices list for more information about the eligibility of devices.

The MIUI 13 update expected to be available for Mi 11 users by June 2021. However, first, the beta testers will receive the MIUI 13 update for testing purposes after that the Stable update will start to roll out.

Like MIUI 12 update first, the Beta testers received the Beta stable. After that, the Global stable has released for devices. Similarly, MIUI 13 will first go to pilot beta testers then the Stable update will release for all the users.

Users can experience the next generation UI features from the latest MIUI 13 OS. You can check all the MIUI 13 features on mifreak.com we have add all the MIUI 13 feaatures details.

Will Mi 11 get MIUI 13 update?

Till now MIUI 13 update eligible devices list has officially declaeed on the Mi community. But Mi 11 is one of the top mobile devices from Xiaomi. And also receiving MIUI 12 Stable update. So that Mi 11 will receive the MIUI 13 update in the ongoing year.

So the MIUI 13 update will be available for the devices which are the latest segment from the company. Still the actual release date and update details not yet disclosed from the company.

MIUI 13 Release Date for Mi 11

The MIUI 13 Update for Mi 11 will be available in June 2021. The devices will starts receiving Beta updates earlier than the stable release. Recently, one of the Mi Community Moderators has posted the MIUI 13 eligible devices list and the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be in that list. Also, the community moderator posted the update will be available soon for the eligible devices.

Once the necessary development will get completed then Xiaomi will release the MIUI 13 update Beta for the pilot beta testers. Then similarly, like MIUI 12 update the testers will test the OS and report the bugs.


The MIUI 13 for Mi 11 comes with the latest generation OS update from Xiaomi after MIUI 12 update. This MIUI 13 also has some unique and awesome features which make the UI more powerful for use. Currently, the update is in development and the company is taking feedback from users to make the OS more powerful and reliable for daily use.

The MIUI 13 update will also available for Mi 11 and in the second half of 2021. After that users can experience the features of the MIUI 13 update.

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