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How to Disable Ads in MIUI 12 (All Xiaomi Smartphones)

From MIUI 10 onwards Xiaomi has started showing ads in Xiaomi smartphones. However, Xiaomi always explained that showing ads will help for making affordable smartphones for the users and it also helps in maintaining the lowest prices for Redmi, Mi, and POCO Smartphones. How to Disable ads in MIUI 12 Users can able to disable… Read More »

Is Mi Phone Indian? Are Mi phones made in India?

Mi brand is the Subsidiary of Xiaomi company and Xiaomi is the Chinese company. So Mi is also a Chinese brand and operates under the Xiaomi company. So many peoples in India have the same question in different forms Is Mi phone Indian? and in this post on, we are going to answer the… Read More »

Is Xiaomi Safe? Xiaomi Privacy Issues for users

Xiaomi is the world’s Largest Cheap Smartphone Company and has a huge user base. Many Mi, Redmi, Xiaomi phone users have one concern that is Xiaomi is safe? Xiaomi also manufactures many tech gadgets which collect many users data for working purpose. But many users always have one question is Xiaomi staling data? Is Xiaomi… Read More »