Top 5 Xiaomi Gadgets 2019 you should take a look

The Xiaomi already a good player in the smartphone market but Xiaomi also make their cool gadgets. We have listed a Top 5 Xiaomi Gadgets which are very cool you should take a look.

The Xiaomi gadgets are the combination of incredible technology and hard work of engineers. So let’s get started.


top 5 xiaomi gadgets

1. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

This scooter comes on the first position from list top 5 Xiaomi gadgets.

The Xiaomi’s electric scooter is the top electric scooter in the market with a range of 30km on a single charge and a maximum speed of  20 km/h. This M365 Scooter is the world’s award-winning scooter.

The Scooter has features like a brake light, built-in headlight, Kinetic energy recovery E-ABS anti-lock brakes. This Scooter is Foldable that makes it easy to carry.

Xiaomi also developed the companion app for this scooter which can be connected to the scooter and get the data over the app like total km drove, remaining battery, etc.

2. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

One of the awesome gadget or robot from Xiaomi which exactly developed for lazy persons like. Who doesn’t like to clean their floor then this robot good for them?

If you still cleaning the floor using the typical vacuum cleaner in 2019 then you might be a fool because of this Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner able to clean your floor.

This Robot can clean 250 sq/feet with the battery backup of 2.5 Hour in a single charge. This robot is so smart can find dust automatically and clean it whenever needed.

This Robot has many sensors which can detect obstacles in their way and avoid them. So overall this is good if you are able to spend more money on this.


3. Xiaomi Ninebot Plus Segway

This Segway is self-balancing so don’t get worried to get skip over on this. This segway has a top speed of 25 km/h and has the ability to carry 100 KG wait.

This segway has a lot of features and it looks cool for all college students this is the eco-friendly option. This can carry many bags have hooked attached to the scooter.

This more dynamic design gives you a comfortable ride.

Specifications of the Segway: 800-watt motor,  max 35km range, 11-inch anti-slip wheels, headlights, brake lights, Bluetooth 4.0, remote included, max speed 25km/h.

4. Mi Drone 4K

The Mi 4K Drone is the most top-selling drone in the market because of its price and features. This Drone has all challenging features which come in the 1 lakh rs. drone segment like DJI Mavic etc. but Mi 4k drone comes in only 35000 rs in India.

The price of this drone is just unbelievable and have a lot of features. This drone comes in white color and has 4K camera hanging down in the drone. The drone comes with the GPS system, One-button back home, stability, 6-AXIS GYRO sensors, the camera comes with Gimble, etc.

This drone is designed for cinematic photography and to capture the places where human can’t go.

The specification of  Mi 4k drone:4K 30fps, integrated gimbal camera,  3-axis stabilization/ 6-axis gyro, GPS, Low voltage return, geofencing protection, waypoints, tap to fly,

5. Xiaomi Bluetooth Suitcase

One of the most liked product from Xiaomi the Suitcase which comes with the aluminum body and has the ability to carry more luggage which is the most important thing about any suitcase. The Xiaomi’s Bluetooth Suitcase has the feature to send a notification when the suitcase is out of the range.

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you the all power in your hand to controls the features of this suitcase. The Two variants are available in the market in which one comes with Bluetooth and other does not have Bluetooth.

The German technology is used to built this suitcase which makes this suitcase very tough to break. The Suitcase has many color option according to users colors need.

You can buy this suitcase from official

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