Xiaomi 80W wireless Fast charging Technology 2020

Xiaomi 80W wireless fast charging

Xiaomi announces 80W Fast Charging Wireless Technology for Smartphones. Xiaomi is working on fast-charging for a very long time and improves wireless charging speed for each new trial.

However, Xiaomi has not yet launched any 80W Wireless charging smartphone but we can expect in upcoming months. Also, The company has charged 4000mAh in Just 19 Minutes with an 80W Wireless charger.

Xiaomi 80W wireless charging

The wireless fast charging may replace the wired fast charging era in upcoming days. The smartphone maker company Xiaomi has announced the fastest wireless charging technology for Xiaomi smartphones. The Mi 10 expected to be the first phone to get 80W fast wireless charging technology.

Also, Xiaomi released a test video for wireless 80-watt fast charging on Mi 10 Pro In the video, the 4000mAh battery will be charged within 19 minutes. The smartphone will get charge 50 percent in just 8 minutes.

The video on Xiaomi official youtube channel shows the wireless fast charging technology tested on modified Mi 10 Pro. The test shows the smartphone going 0 to 10 percent in just 1 minute and 10 to 50 percent in 8 Minutes and 100 percent full charges within 19 minutes.

Smartphone with 80W wireless charging support

Xiaomi not yet announced any smartphone details for 80W fast charging support. But the test performed on Mi 10 Pro will make the possibility that the Mi 10 Series will get 80W charging support.

Currently, up to 10W wireless charging smartphones are available in the market, and 120W wired charging smartphones are also available with fast-charging adapters.

Xiaomi also tested 40W wireless charging technology back in march month. Similarly, now the company has successfully tested 80W wireless fast charging. With this progress, we can expect a wireless super-fast charging smartphone in 2021. Also, If wireless charging makes reliable solutions for all the users we may able to replace wired charging technology with Fast wireless charging for smartphones.

Xiaomi Wireless charger comaptibilty

Xiaomi was working on fast charging technology for a very long time and now successfully tested 80W wireless fast charging. Before this test, the Mi company has done testing for 10W, 20W, 30W, and 40W wireless charging tests.

Currently, 10W Xiaomi wireless charger is available in market also 20W, 30W, and 40W Xiaomi wireless chargers are available for fast wireless charging smartphones.

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