Xiaomi AI Camera Shutter feature for Smartphones

AI Camera is the latest generation feature for smartphones. Xiaomi is working on an AI camera shutter feature which improves the quality of captured pictures.

MIUI 12 Stable Beta: Check availability for your device

The AI shutter feature takes a burst of pictures for one single photo. And then the AI algorithm selects the best and perfect picture from all photos.’ This feature is available on Google Pixel smartphone and now Xiaomi is working to get this feature in Xiaomi smartphones.

This “AI Shutter” feature basically improves the photo quality and gives you the best shot from a bunch of photos. The MIUI 12 camera app is getting this feature and also some other features like Magic Clone and Full-screen gesture support.

All the users were able to experience this feature once the MIUI 12 Stable will out for the devices. As well as some beta testers will get this feature in upcoming days.

The Company is really working on improving the quality of features in mid-range budget smartphones.

MIUI 12 Stable is rolling out check Now!

The Camera module comes with AI features like a smile detector, eye detectors, and a Smart vivid effect for taking photos. This improves the overall picture quality and also effects in photos.

The AI camera algorithms are also useful for shooting videos in regular smartphones. Gives users stunning quality videos.

We can expect features in MIUI 12 upcoming stable version which comes in the upcoming weeks. Also, MIUI 12 comes with a bunch of new features like Rich visuals, Latest gestures effect, and enhanced privacy. more features.

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Hope we will get MIUI 12 update soon in our devices till then you can check MIUI 12 Closed Beta for your smartphones.

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