Xiaomi Voice-Controlled Wall Lamp all details, Price

Xiaomi has launched the Voice-controlled wall lamp which is controllable over voice. Also, The Product currently launched in china and comes at the price of 99 Yuan which is 15$.

Xiaomi voice controlled lamp

This Smart voice-operated Lamp comes in several designs and users can able to buy different bundles for decorating the homes and offices. Similarly, With the newly launched Xiaomi Voice-controlled Lamp user can able to operate the lamp on music system.

The light is of different colors and combinations. The Lamp is specially designed to control the light for gaming. As well as the lights will change the color and intensity of game moments.

Xiaomi voice controlled lamp

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Xiaomi Voice-controlled Lamp

The Lamp has 16 million color support which generates multiple light combinations. Also, the user can able to create creative patterns as per the user’s choice. Similarly, by creating different patterns the users can use this light for decorating the room. And also use for background while shooting the video.

The 9-pieces light sets cost 699 yuan roughly 107$ and using all the lights user can able to design and create different patterns as per the user’s creativity and need.

All the pieces at detachable and attachable with inbuilt magnets. Also, All the lights are controllable over the app provides by Xiaomi. Similarly, the lights are Controlled over XiaomiAI which supports all the voice commands for turning on or off the lights.

Xiaomi voice lamp

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The Xiaomi Lamp is specially designed for shooting videos with great backgrounds and also for decorating the rooms.

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