Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Expected Launch date in India, and Features

Recently, Xiaomi has spotted Mi Band 6 for BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) in India. Also, some images of Mi Band 6 have leaked on the internet and it shows a bigger display. The Mi Band 6 with model number XMSH15HM.

Mi Band 5 was launched back in 2020 and now Successor Mi Band 6 is going to launch in India. Similarly, like Mi band 5 The Upcoming Mi Band 6 is going to have some extra added features that make this band more powerful. But every India user has one question that when does Mi Band 6 will launch in India. As well as what are the features of Mi Band 6.

Mi Band 6 Launch Date in India

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has passed the BIS Standards test in India and very soon it will launch in India. However, Xiaomi has going to launch the band as soon as possible in India. And that is good news for Indian consumers and Mi band 6 Comes with a much bigger and brighter display.

The release of Mi Band 6 Will soon happens for the Indian variant and the features that excite the Indian consumers will get to know everyone. As of now some of the key features which are GPS and SpO2 tracker are included in Mi band 6.

Mi Band 6 Launch date

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will launch in the upcoming days in India as it passes BSI tests for fitness standards. Also, The Mi band 6 is going to be the successor of Mi Band 5. And it included some new bug fixes and users’ experience improvements for using fitness bands.

Mi Band 6 Features in India

Mi Band 6 features

The Mi Band 6 May comes with NFC support In India. Because the NFC feature will available for the band. But most likely it will not be included for the Indian Variant of Mi Band 6. However, Features like GPS (Global Positioning System) will be added in Mi Band 6. And one of the major features of Mi Band is the SpO2 Monitoring feature. That enabled users to monitor the oxygen saturation, which is a measure of the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood relative to the amount of hemoglobin not carrying oxgen.

Mi Band 6 Features

  • Brighter Display
  • SpO2 Monitoring
  • NFC Support
  • Bigger Resolutions
  • More Straps option
  • Different Color Combinations
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • AMLOED display
  • More themes

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