Xiaomi has launched its new GamePad Controllers for the game systems and for the people’s who love to play games. This new GamePad Elite edition controller consists of several new smart features which will make your gaming experience to a new level.

Xiaomi on Monday officially launched the smart GamePad Elite edition controller for gamers. This new Xiaomi GamePad Controller comes with somatosensory controls and supports the Steam platform.

As well as this new GamePad comes with White super graphical color and with all-axis operating keys which will make you play the game like a professional player :). Also, The GamePAd Elite version controller comes with two large-sized joysticks and has linear trigger buttons. The controller has a built-in InvenSense 6-axis gyroscope sensor that offers somatosensory controls and as well as users can experience in-game sensations.

In Controllers Xiaomi has added several sensors and vibration effects to make the gaming experience better.

Xiaomi GamePad Elite Edition controller Specifications

  • Multi-Axis Controller Stick
  • Sympathetic vibration sensors
  • 2.4 Gz Wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • White Graphics color
  • Tough build body
  • Two Joysticks
  • All the X,Y,A,W Keys for a better playing experience
  • Attractive pricing
  • Multiple OS connectivity Support

Price and Availability of Xiaomi GemPad Elite edition Controller

The Controllers come at the price of 60$ and are available to buy online from Xiaomi’s official store as well as on other online shopping websites. Users can start using this smart wireless controller by just connecting to a gaming system by Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity.

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