MIUI 13 Update for Poco F1 (Pocophone F1): All Details

Xiaomi’s Co-brand POCO has most of the flagship segment devices which included POCO F1 (Pocophone F1). Every Poco F1 users have one question that is will POCO F1 get MIUI 13 Update?

Recently the device started receiving MIUI 12 Stable updates globally and also in India. However, The MIUI 12 update for POCO F1 is taken a little bit longer than the expected schedule. But Finally, Poco F1 is get updated to MIUI 12 Stable custom ROM. Similarly, About MIUI 13 update for Pocophone F1 has a lot of questions.

MIUI 13 for Poco F1

MIUI 13 for POCO F1

POCO F1 is on the list of MIUI 13 Eligible devices which will be updated to MIUI 13. However, The device is expected to receive MIUI 13 by the second-half of 2021. Also, After so many bugs and issues while updating to MIUI 12 for POCO F1 so many users of Pocophones are having one doubt that the device will be updated to MIUI 13 or Not?

The Poco F1 was launched in 2018 by POCO company (Co-brand of Xiaomi) and got flagship segment features. But somehow the devices already received the Two MIUI updates and 2 Major Android updates. The device was launched with Android 8 Based MIUI 10 out of the box in 2018.

Will Poco F1 get MIUI 13 update?

Now After two major updates and after 2 Years still the devices have powerful hardware that will ahead of any other latest segment devices. So we can expect to get the MIUI 13 update in POCO F1 Soon after the launch of MIUI 13.


Currently, the MIUI 13 is in development as Xiaomi already announced the development of MIUI 13. However, there is no official release date given for the latest generation OS. But we can expect to get the update in mid of 2021.

Also, The MIUI 13 comes with so many new features and a much more smoother UI which feels a high refresh rate in the display. You can check all the MIUI 13 Features and the latest new enhancements in old systems.

MIUI 13 Release date for POCO F1 (Pocophone F1)

MIUI 13 Already in development and we can be expected to get the update on POCO F1 by the Second half of 2021. The device is currently receiving MIUI 12 Stable update you can update the device and experience the MIUI 12 latest features.

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