Xiaomi Electric Bike Features, Price, best offers, and exciting updates

Xiaomi Electric Bike Features

Xiaomi Electric Bike features are one of the revolutionary gadget’s features that will change the Bike industry forever with their eco-friendly electric consumption technology. As we all know Xiaomi is one of the leading companies in almost all the top industries now. As the growth and service of Xiaomi are skyrocketing day by day, soon we will see all the Xiaomi products around because they are much cheaper and have almost the same quality as the other premium brands in the market.

Now let’s see the latest Mi Electric Scooter 3 features that Xiaomi offered to this market. The Xiaomi Electric bike comes with a top speed of 25km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 20km/h; S: 25km/h) with a total range of 30 KM when 100% charged. The battery capacity is 7650mAh/ 275Wh with a Maximum charging voltage of 42VDC. The Cyclical lifetime is approximately 500 charging cycles with power maintained above 70%.

Xiaomi Electric Bike
Xiaomi Electric Bike

Xiaomi Electric Bike Price

The price of the latest Xiaomi Electric Bike is around 450 Euros or around 39,000 Rs. Still, you can get this product at a much cheaper rate by checking all the product-related offers on the official Xiaomi Global website.

Xiaomi Electric Bike details

  • Basic details:
    1) The product model number of this Xiaomi Electric bike is DDHBC16NEB.
    2) Official Max speed is 25km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 20km/h;
    S: 25km/h) along with top range of 30km.
    3) The total weight of Mi Electric scooter is 13.2kg with Gradeability of 16%.
    4) It has eABS + rear dual-pad disc brake with rated power of 300W and Max power of 600W.
    5) Tires are 8.5″ front and rear pneumatic tires alongwith Controller undervoltage protection of
    29V ± 0.5V
    6) Controller current limit is 17A ± 0.5A and the type of motor is Brushless DC motor.
    7) Max. loading capacity is 100kg with Rider height of 120cm-200cm and the age of the rider must
    be between 18-50 years for safety measures.
    8) The IP Rating of this Electric bike is IP54 with Charging time of 5.5 hours.
  • Battery Features:
    1) The type of battery this Xiaomi Electric Bike is Lithium ion battery.
    2) Battery model is NE1003-H and the Rated Battery Capacity is 7650mAh/ 275Wh
    3) Rated voltage is 36VDC and the Maximum charging voltage is 42VDC only.
    4) Charging temperature range is between 0°C ~ + 40°C and Discharge temperature range is
    -20°C~ + 50°C
    5) Battery weight is 1.6kg and the Cyclical lifetime is 500 charging cycles with power maintained
    above 70%.
  • Adapter features:
    1) Adapter output power is 71W and Input and output current is 2A Max and 1.7A respectively.
    2) Input voltage is 100-240VAC and Max. output voltage is 42VDC.
    3) DC cable length is 2 meter and DC cable port type is Custom Φ8.0 x 1.6mm.
  • Package Contents:
    1) Mi Electric Scooter 3 x 1
    2) Power adapter x 1
    3) T-share Allen Wrench x 1
    4) Extended nozzle adapter x 1
    5) Screws x 5
    6) Tire x 1
    7) User manual
    8) Important information
    9) Specifications

Best offers

To know the best and money-saving offers, we would highly recommend you to check the best prices on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or the official Xiaomi store, or the website. You might get an additional bank discount if you fit the eligibility criteria of the offer.

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