Xiaomi K20 Pro: 10 incredible tips and tricks

Xiaomi recently launched their two smartphones Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 pro in India and everyone is excited to get this phone in their hands here we have found some cool tricks of these two smartphones.

10 Incredible tips and tricks of Redmi K20 pro

1. Turn off pop-up camera light effect

The Redmi k20 pro has a pop-up selfie camera that has some special light and audio effects that we can customize. This feature is turned off by going in setting>>special setting>>front camera setting.

2. Dark Mode

The Redmi k20 pro has a good quality AMOLED display so we can control a deep dark screen and enjoy the more dark effect. This Feature is incredible if you love darker.

The Dark Mode is controlled by heading in the setting of the device just go to setting>>Display&Brightness setting.

3. Special Headphone and Audio Effect

The Headphone and audio effect in Redmi k20 pro has MIUI 10 and MIUI 10 has a great audio Equalizer. You can control all these Features of audio in the setting.

just head to Settings>> additional settings>> headphone and audio 

4. Finger Print Animation Effect

The Redmi K20 pro has an In-display fingerprint scanner which has some special effects we can control. The Fingerprint effect is visible on the screen which is control in the setting. we can easily make a new effect for every unlock.

5. Always on Display

The Redmi K20 pro has the ability to turn the display always on. The AMOLED display gives the feature of the always-on display. So you can see time and notification without waking your phone. This is feature is not enabled default but you can turn it on the setting.

6. Manage Home Screen

We can hide and unhide the app icon on the home screen by simply going to setting. This feature is very useful for those who keep private apps and don’t want to show them to others.

Just go to setting>> Homescreen setting.

7. Camera Filters

The Redmi K20 pro has a Powerful camera which is the most significant at this time. The Redmi k20 pro has a 48 MP SONY Imx sensor camera which is capable of capturing stunning shots.

The camera has many filters like a skylight filter and many more like this. Chroma boost is one of the most liked features of this camera.

8. Flash Notification

This feature is very common but nowadays many phones excluded this feature but the Redmi K20 pro has Flashlight for Notification. This looks cool and aware of any important updates.

You can also enable the flash notification feature for incoming calls.

9. Call Recording and Call waiting

The Redmi K20 pro has an inbuilt call recording and calls waiting for the feature. Just Goto>>setting>>Call management and enable and disable this feature.

10. dynamic vibration strength

The Redmi K20 pro has the setting for customization of vibration strength this feature provides us the ability to change the vibration strength. Many users want vibration levels very so they can customize the vibration by simply going to setting>>Sound&Vibrations.