Xiaomi Under Display Camera Technology coming up in 2021

Many Company testing to place front-facing selfie camera under-display for many years. Now, Xiaomi has shown off with its 3rd generation Under display camera technology. This technology might solve all the problems with a front-facing camera.


The under-display camera technology has been introduced by Xiaomi on twitter. This technology helps to put a camera under the display so we don’t have to use a punch hole, a Display notch, pop-up camera mechanism on our smartphones.

However, Currently, under display technology is in testing mode but we can expect to get it by 2021 in our smartphones. Also, Xiaomi has released an official under display camera that features smartphone video.

 The Xiaomi is going to launch ZTE Axon 20 5G will feature an under-screen camera tech feature. Last year Xiaomi had introduced the details of the Under display camera concept but at that time it was difficult to achieve it on mass production.

Many companies like Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi working on prototypes for Under-display tech. Now, The Xiaomi ahead of many others and planning to launch the first smartphone with under-display camera smartphones.

What is Under-Display Camera Technology

The Under-display camera technology helps us to put the front-facing camera under the full-screen display without losing the display pixel area. The under display tech completely helpful for using full-size display without any notch, Punch-hole, and pop-up mechanism.

Xiaomi has shared the first prototype video for front-facing behind the display camera technology. As well as Xiaomi is planning to launch smartphones by 2021 in the market.

You can see how behind display technology improves the overall impression of using smartphones with a front-facing camera. This is the official video shared by Xiaomi explaining under-display camera tech.

Xiaomi says:- “greatly improved the full-screen effect through self-developed pixel arrangement, and through the optimization of the camera algorithm, allowing it to show the same performance as conventional cameras.”

In Conclusion, this technology passes the light through display without losing pixel density.

Advantages of Under-Display Camera

Till the date, we have smartphones with the front cameras placed in notch, Punch-hole, or in pop-up selfie mechanism. However, This creates the problem of compromising the display size( Full-size display not possible) as well as a pop-up mechanism.

  • Under the display, cam technology solves the full-screen display problem.
  • Improves the overall smartphone impression.
  • No need for a Pop-up selfie mechanism.
  • We can neglect notch, punch a hole on display.
  • Display full screen achievable.

So overall it’s new generation technology for all smartphones. After that, we can expect it by 2021 as Xiaomi confirmed the mass production of this technology.

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